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My Origin Story

Hey there! My name is Putra Muzhafar and I was born and raised in sunny Singapore.

If you’re from the Asean region, you might probably know that in Singapore, all Singaporean son aged 18 has to serve a mandatory 2 year national service. I was proud to be part of the Elite Singapore Guards Battalion.

Loved the stint so much, I wanted to serve in the Army my whole life. But unfortunately, I got rejected three times.

Which then led me to loving my current job as a flight crew with our national carrier – for 5 full years now, since 2016.

Why the total career switch?

I’ve been asked this a lot. I had no clue or idea why I even wanted to become a cabin crew. Looking back at it now, I am grateful that I did as I was able to learn and pick up life lessons throughout my journey flying with Singapore.

Halfway through my flying career, I wanted to find ways to make more of life on the side. I started down the rabbit hole into internet marketing again, since I was passionate about it since high school – in the past, I had spent a lot of money buying courses, digital products, seminars, you name it I might have given it a try.

I had no success back then. I tried everything, list building, product creation, social media ads, google ads, pay per click even Facebook Ads!

Until I came across this guy, who is my mentor now, Jacob Caris. He’s been in the online space for several years and has been globally recognized as the top ranked affiliate earner.